Web Design only $400

Most places starting point for a website design is around $600 and goes all the way into the several thousand dollar range! Most small businesses can’t afford that. I’ve come up with a solution for you. I can create a basic site for you WITH E-commerce capabilities for ONLY $400. This will include up to 6 pages and listing up to 20 products. Additional products can be added for $10 per product. If you require a more complicated or customized website, that can also be done for an additional charge.

The 2nd biggest cost associated with owning a website is the hosting fees. Every website must be hosted somewhere. Most places will charge you $5-$10 per month for as long as you own the site. After two years that could add up to over $200! If you hire me, I’ll host your website for you ABSOLUTELY FREE for as long as you’d like.

In addition, I’ll give you some FREE basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your site will be easy to navigate.

I’ll show you how to easily add your own blog posts saving you money!

Free minor changes for 30 days after site it completed.

I’ll be here for all future changes after that for a minimal $10 per hour.

Fill out the form below to list your requirements and what you’ll all need the website to do for you.

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